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FARMY.CZ company is pleased to offer you a unique set of a real estate “Kalec farmstead with lands”. We are acting for the owner of this property.

Introductory information

The subject of the offer is a baroque Kalec farmstead with the adjacent farmland, woodland and other land in the total area of c. 237 ha. The real estate is located in Pilsen – North district, between Žihle and Mladotice villages, at about 530 m. above the sea level. The farmstead is situated the landscape absolutely independently, beyond a visual range of the villages or any other estate.

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The real estate is owned by a limited liability company that is owned by the family of former owners. There is possibility to act on the sale of the whole company or only the sale of the estate owned by the company.

The buildings of the farmstead

The baroque farmstead is bounded; it has both residential and farm buildings. The central part of the farmstead is formed by a dwelling manor house with two adjacent wings of farm buildings. Most of the buildings have their original design and character, only the left wing is partly rebuilt.

There has been a delicate external reconstruction lately and the buildings are in a very good condition. There will also have to be the reconstruction of the interior as well.

The property is connected to the electricity, the water distribution is provided from the wells.

Nemovitosti jsou památkově chráněné.

The lands

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There are some lands as a part of the offer in a total area of c. 237 ha. They are located in a cadastral area Kalec (c. 197 ha) and a cadastral area Černá Hať (c. 46 ha). The total area of the lands includes besides a farmland also:

- c. 1 ha of built-up areas and a yard space,
- c. 4,5 ha of woodland,
- c. 3,5 ha of water expanse,
- c. 5 ha of other areas.

The lands are adjacent to the premises of the farmstead and a part of them is extended to the Horní Střela Natural Park. The character of the lands is slightly downy. The farmland is maintained on the base of a rental contract by an agricultural company.

No complex land layouts have been done yet at the cadastral areas mentioned above and a part of the lands is kept in a simplified record.


The real estate is located in a beautiful landscape of Pilsen – North at the edge of the Horní Střela Natural Park. A deep valley of the river Střela with its typical woods on the rocky slopes is a favourite tourist area. Pilsen – North is a diverse region that offers a lot of possibilities for the visitors that can have various interests.

It is a historical area with a number of mostly baroque monuments, monasteries, churches, and manors. The well known monastery is a Cistercian Monastery in Plasy. It was founded in 1145 and influenced the history of the region by the end of 18th century.

Possible development

Kalec Farmstead with the adjacent farmland offers a wide range of possible development. It is suitable for the construction of a luxury private manor in an absolute privacy, or it is possible to develop the whole locality for residential, recreational and sport utilization. When considering the asked price the offer is not perhaps suitable for the investor that counts on the return of the invested capital from farm activities only.

Additional information

GPS: 50°1'17.948"N, 13°19'43.945"E
Distance: Prague 85 km, Pilsen 45 km
Above sea level: 530 m
Electricity: yes
Water: own source from wells
Waste / sewerage: led into reservoirs
Access: road of 3th category

Neighbour farm buildings - click to enlarge
The owner is also in the possession of other farm buildings that can be acted, they are not adjacent to the farmstead, but are in a tight distance. They are some storages, silos, and offices there, which are located next to an unused 550 m long asphalt airport runway.
(GPS: 50°1'58.274"N, 13°20'23.164"E)

We expect the offer to be intended for serious persons concerned. If you are interested in the offer do not hesitate to address to us.

Ing. Jaroslav Urban
FARMY.CZ s.r.o.
tel.: 603 166 510

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